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    PlayStation Plus frequently asked questions

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    • All you need to know about the premium membership that lets you get even more from your PlayStation 3.

      Become a member of PlayStation Plus and enjoy loads of games and content from PlayStation Store, plus exclusive access to premium PlayStation Network features.

      What is PlayStation Plus?
      PlayStation Plus is a service that enhances your existing free PlayStation Network account. When you become a member of PlayStation Plus, you will have access to premium gaming features and special offers via PlayStation Store.

      What does PlayStation Plus include?
      PlayStation Plus includes premium gaming features such as Full Game Trials and Automatic Update, which allows you to automatically sync your trophies, receive the latest system software, download game updates and more. PlayStation Plus also includes PlayStation Store special offers, such as game downloads, discounts, early access to demos and beta trials and other exclusive goodies.

      What are PlayStation Plus special offers?
      PlayStation Plus games & special offers include PSN games, minis and PS one classics, game add-ons, premium avatars and dynamic themes to download each month.  Members also get exclusive PlayStation Store discounts and early/exclusive access to selected demos and beta trials.

      What is Full Game Trial?
      Full Game Trial lets you download the full version of a game to play on a trial basis at no extra cost for a limited period of time. Your progress will be saved and the trophies you earn will be unlocked if you purchase the game after the trial period. The length of playable time and duration after download varies on a game-by-game basis and will be specified at the time of download.

      When the designated trial period has expired, the content is no longer available for play. To continue playing, select the full game and purchase it. Your progress from the Full Game Trial will be saved and any trophies you have earned during your trial will be unlocked after purchase.

      What is Automatic Update?
      When Automatic Update is activated, system software updates and game updates will be automatically downloaded to your PlayStation 3 system, so they're ready and waiting for you when you next use your PS3. Your game trophies will also automatically synchronise and save to PlayStation Network.To activate Automatic Update, visit Settings > [System Settings] on the PlayStation 3 system's XMB (XrossMediaBar) menu.

      How much does PlayStation Plus membership cost?
      PlayStation Plus costs £39.99 for a one-year membership and £11.99 for a 90-day membership or €49.99 for a one-year membership and €14.99 for a 90-day membership.

      Does PlayStation Plus have an age limit?
      You must be at least 18 years old to purchase PlayStation Plus membership.

      Can I transfer PlayStation Plus membership to another account, including a Sub Account?    
      No. Once the PlayStation Plus membership has been purchased, it can not be transferred to any other account.

      Does my PlayStation Plus account work on my PlayStation 3 system and my PSP system?    
      Yes. One PlayStation Plus account will be compatible with both your PlayStation 3 and PSP. Downloaded content can be used on both your PS3 and PSP, provided the content is already compatible with each system.

      Although PlayStation Plus members have access to select special offers on PSP, PlayStation Plus can not be joined from either PlayStation Store on PSP or Media Go. Full Game Trial and Automatic Update are not available on PSP.

      Can I use PlayStation Network Cards to pay for PlayStation Plus membership?
      Yes, any payment methods approved for purchasing content from PlayStation Store can be used to join PlayStation Plus.

      Do I need to register a credit card to become a member of PlayStation Plus?
      It is not necessary to register a credit card to become a member of PlayStation Plus, although we recommend that you do so to take advantage of automatic renewal.

      What is the cancellation policy for PlayStation Plus?
      You can cancel your membership renewal at any time via PlayStation Network Account Management or by calling customer services. Unless otherwise provided by local law, cancellations will take effect at the end of the current membership period and you will not receive any refund of membership charges already paid.

      What happens if I accidentally delete the PlayStation Plus content on my system?
      In most cases, if the content is still available for download, you can re-download it. A Full Game Trial, however, may only be downloaded once.

      Can I re-download PlayStation Plus content?
      In most cases, if the content is still available for download, you can re-download it. A Full Game Trial, however, may only be downloaded once.

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