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    PlayStation Plus membership

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    • PlayStation Plus is a subscription service package available on PlayStation Network.

      What is PlayStation Plus?

      PlayStation Plus is a subscription service package that provides a series of added features to PlayStation Network. Membership to this service can be purchased from PlayStation Store. As a PlayStation Plus member, you can enjoy the following services:

      • Exclusive access to PSN, minis and PS one games each month.
      • Exclusive PlayStation Store discounts each month.
      • Exclusive access to premium avatars and dynamic themes.
      • Early and priority access to game demos and beta trials.
      • Full Game Trial: try full games for a limited time before you buy them.
      • Automatic Update: set your PS3 system to automatically download system software, game updates and more, directly to your PS3.


      • Content and types of services available for PlayStation Plus members vary depending on the country or region where the PlayStation Network account is registered. For details, visit eu.playstation.com/playstationplus.
      • For details about the Automatic Update feature, view the guide Update your PS3 using Automatic Download.

      Signing up to PlayStation Plus

      You can purchase membership to PlayStation Plus from PlayStation Store in the same way as you purchase content. After you purchase membership, the PlayStation®Plus icon will be displayed next to your avatar in the XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) menu. Icons will also be displayed for features or content exclusive to PlayStation Plus members.

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