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    Register a Bluetooth® keyboard or mouse

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    • Find out how to register a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse with your PS3.

      You can register a keyboard or mouse in [Register Bluetooth® Device] under Settings > [Accessory Settings].

      1. Prepare the Bluetooth-compatible keyboard or mouse.
      2. Select [Register Bluetooth® Device] > [Register Keyboard/Mouse]. Up to two keyboard and mouse devices in total can be registered at one time. If you register another keyboard or mouse, information for the currently registered device with the oldest registration date and time will be overwritten.
      3. Select [Start Scanning]. The PS3 system displays a list of Bluetooth devices within range of the system.
      4. Select the device that you want to register. When registering a keyboard, you must enter a pass key to complete the device registration (pairing). The PS3 system randomly generates the pass key. When registering a mouse, you do not need to enter a pass key.

      For detailed usage instructions for the Bluetooth-compatible keyboard or mouse, refer to the instructions supplied with the device.

      Clearing the text entry field

      When using a keyboard, you can clear the entire text entry field at once.

      With the cursor placed in the field, press the Square button and the L1 button at the same time to delete all the entered text.


      • If you are using an external keyboard, press the [Shift] + [Backspace] keys at the same time.

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