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    Remove the hard disk

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    • Find out how to remove the hard disk on your PS3 system.


      • For safety reasons, be sure to turn off and unplug the system before attempting to remove the hard disk.
      • The system may not be stable when placed upside down. Be careful not to injure yourself when removing the screw.

      1. Press the power button to turn off the system.

      The power indicator turns solid red and the system enters standby mode.

      2. Unplug the AC power cord, and then disconnect the other cables from the system.

      For safety reasons, remove the plug for the power cord from the electrical outlet, and then detach the other cables.

      3. Place the system upside down on a soft, dry cloth, and then open the screw cover.

      Use the notch (1) located above the screw cover to slightly pull up the cover. Then rotate (2) the cover as shown in the diagram. If the cover is hard to pull up, insert a tool such as a flathead screwdriver in the notch and gently pull the cover up.

      4. Remove the screw that fastens the hard disk in place, and then remove theHDD bay cover.

      1. HDD bay cover.

      2. Remove the blue screw with an appropriate crosshead screwdriver.

      3. Slide the HDD bay cover to the left, and then remove the cover.

      5. Remove the hard disk.

      Pull the handle upwards, and then pull out the hard disk from the system.


      • The hard disk is a sensitive piece of equipment and should be handled with care at all times. To help prevent software or data loss or corruption, or damage to the hard disk, carefully follow the precautions listed below.
      • Do not throw or drop the system or hard disk, or otherwise expose either device to strong vibrations or strong physical impact.
      • Do not allow liquid or small particles to get into the system or hard disk.
      • Do not touch the connectors or insert foreign objects into the connectors.
      • Do not place the system or hard disk close to magnetic fields such as those produced by magnets or loudspeakers. Also, do not place devices that may be sensitive to magnetic forces (such as a wrist watch or a credit card) near the hard disk.
      • Do not put heavy objects on the hard disk.
      • When handling the hard disk, hold it only by the edges or metal frame.
      • The hard disk is sensitive to static electricity. Ensure that proper handling methods are used when installing the hard disk.
      • Store in a cool, dry location.
      • Images may vary depending on the model or the software version in use.

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