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    Safeguards with PlayStation

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    • PlayStation is committed to ensuring you have the best, and safest, possible experience with the range of products on offer.

      The world of PlayStation is designed to let you concentrate on the serious business of having fun, knowing that there are features in place designed to inform and protect the whole family.

      Some of the key features to be aware of include:

      Pan-European Game Information (PEGI)  
      The PEGI rating system was established in 2003 to help European parents make informed decisions on buying interactive games. Designed to ensure that minors are not exposed to games that are unsuitable for their particular age group, the system is fully supported by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, as well as by publishers and developers of interactive games throughout Europe.

      All PlayStation games carry a PEGI age rating or such other rating system that may be prescribed by law, as well as additional descriptors to advise on specific content within individual games. For more information on PEGI ratings, visit www.pegi.info. In addition, some countries have their own rating system, such as USK in Germany

      Parental Controls
      PlayStation 2, PSP and PlayStation 3 all have Parental Control Level as a feature. This applies to DVD video content on PS2, UMD and downloaded game and video content on PSP, and Blu-ray Disc game and video content on PS3.
      This feature can be used with software that has a preset parental control level based on the content. Depending on your set-up, you can set the parental control level to restrict the playback of content with a level that is higher than that set.

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