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    Subscribe to PlayStation Plus

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    • You can purchase a one-year or 90-day membership to PlayStation Plus from PlayStation Store.

      Follow our step-by-step guide to start getting more from your PlayStation 3 with PlayStation Plus.

      1. Create a PlayStation Network account.

      If you do not have a PlayStation Network account already, go to [Sign Up for PlayStation®Network] on the PS3 system's XMB (XrossMediaBar) under PlayStation®Network or visit eu.playstation.com/registration to create a new account.

      To purchase PlayStation Plus you must have a Master Account and be over 18.

      2. Visit PlayStation Store via your PS3 system.

      Visit the PlayStation Plus section on PlayStation Store and you will be able to purchase either a one-year or 90-day membership. This section shows you which content is available for download as well as the membership packages themselves. Check back regularly to find out the latest content available.

      3. Select and purchase.

      Select the PlayStation Plus membership you wish to purchase.


      • In order to purchase PlayStation Plus, your PS3 system must be running system software version 3.40 or later. System software update 3.40 is available from 29 June 2010.
      • For your convenience, PlayStation Plus automatically renews itself and you can terminate this membership renewal at any time.
      • When you join PlayStation Plus using a Master Account, Automatic Funding for that Master Account will automatically be set to [On].
      • If, on the renewal date Automatic Funding is set to [On], your payment method is registered with us and your wallet does not have enough funds to cover the membership charge, your wallet will be funded automatically from your registered payment method with the greater of the minimum top-up amount or the renewal cost. 
      • Funds added to the wallet are non-refundable. 
      • You can switch Automatic Funding to [Off] at any time after purchase via PlayStation Network Account Management.
      • If the credit card is not registered, the wallet does not have enough funds or [Automatic Funding] has been turned off, your PlayStation Plus membership may not be renewed.

      For further details, refer to the Terms of Service and User Agreement.

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