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    Upscale Blu ray Disc (BDAV) content

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    • Find out more about upscaling Blu-ray Disc content on your PS3.

      Upscaling of Blu-ray Disc (BDAV) video content is supported.

      BDAV is a Blu-ray Disc video format. Generally, when video content is recorded on BD-R or BD-RE media using a Blu-ray Disc recorder, the content is recorded in BDAV format.

      To adjust settings for upscaling of BDAV content, press the Triangle button during video playback to display the control panel, and then select [AV Settings] > [Upscale].

      Off: Set to disable upscaled output.
      Double Scale: Set to upscale and display with double horizontal and vertical dimensions.
      Normal: Set to upscale and display at a size that matches the screen size.
      Full Screen*: Set to upscale and display at full screen by stretching the image.

      * The proportions may change depending on the content.


      • This feature is not available on Blu-ray Discs in which the video is recorded in BDMV format, including BD-ROMs (most of the Blu-ray Disc titles currently on the market).
      • Depending on the recording conditions of the video, upscaling may not be possible.

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