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    Use PSP to switch your PS3 on and off

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    • Find out how to use the Remote Start feature to control your PS3.

      [Remote Start] is an option under Settings > [Remote Play Settings]. A PS3 system that is in standby mode can be turned on automatically when a PSP system is used for remote play via the Internet.

      Preparing to use remote start

      To use this feature, you must first perform the following steps:

      • Update the system software of the PSP system to version 3.72 or later.
      • Complete the network settings on the PS3 system so that it can connect to the Internet.
      • Create a PlayStation Network account.
      • Set to sign in automatically to PlayStation Network.
      • Set to log in automatically under Users.

      For details on signing in automatically to PlayStation Network and automatic login under Users, refer to the PS3 system's user's guide.

      Enabling remote start

      1. Select [Remote Play Settings] from Settings in the Home Menu.

      2. Select [Remote Start] > [On].

      3. Select [OK] on the screen that is displayed. To use remote play via the Internet, check [Enable Remote Start via the Internet].

      4. Turn off the PS3 system. Use the power button on the front of the PS3 system to turn off the system and set it to standby mode. Do not turn off the main power switch on the back of the system.

      5. Perform remote play using a PSP system. To use remote play from a PSP system, the PSP system must be registered with the PS3 system. For details on remote play, refer to the PSP system's user's guide.

      • If remote start is set to [On], the internal fan of the PS3 system will continue to operate even after the system is turned off.

      Remote start via the Internet

      You may not be able to use remote play via the Internet depending on the network device in use. If this happens, check the following information.

      • You must connect the PS3 system to a router to use remote start via the Internet.
      • If your router supports UPnP, enable the router's UPnP function.
      • If your router does not support UPnP, you must set the router's port forwarding feature to allow communication to the PS3 system from the Internet. The port number that is used for remote play and remote start is TCP: 9293 or UDP: 9293. For information on setting up port forwarding, refer to the instructions supplied with the router.
      • Port forwarding is a function for forwarding signals that arrive at a specific port (entrance) to another specified port (exit). This is also referred to as "port mapping" or "address conversion".
      • If the router's IP address (global IP address) is changed when the PS3 system is in standby mode, remote start will not be successful.

      Depending on the type of router in use, the PS3 system may be repeatedly started at fixed intervals if remote start is enabled. If a remote play connection is not established within a certain amount of time after the PS3 system is started, the system will turn off automatically.

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