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    Use the XMB™(XrossMediaBar)

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    • Featuring Photo, Music, Video, Game and Network options, every PS3 journey starts with the ever-evolving XrossMediaBar.

      The PS3 system includes a user interface called XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) Menu.

      Navigating the XMB Menu

      1. Directional buttons: Used to select on-screen categories/items.

      2. PS button: Displays the XMB Menu, turns the system on/off and quits a game.

      3. Triangle button: Displays the options menu/control panel; Circle button: Cancels an operation; X button: Confirms the selected item.

      Options menu

      Displayed by selecting an icon and pressing the Triangle button.

      Control panel

      Displayed by pressing the Triangle button during content playback.

      XMB Menu icons explained

      Friends: Chatting and exchanging messages.

      PlayStation®Network: Using PlayStation Network services.

      Network: Connecting to the Internet.

      Game: Playing games.

      Video: Playing video.

      Music: Playing music.

      Photo: Displaying images.

      Settings: Adjusting PS3 system settings.

      Users: Selecting users to log in to the PS3 system.

      XMB Menu options

      The XMB screen was redesigned as part of system software update 3.00. The background color and the size of text characters have been changed to make the XMB screen easier to use.

      • If you want to display the original screen design, select [Classic] under Settings > [Theme Settings] > [Theme].

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