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    Use the mini size control panel

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    • Find out about using the mini-size control panel when listening to music.

      You can use a mini-size control panel while playing music.

      1. While playing music, press the PS button.

      The PS3 Home Menu screen is displayed.

      2. Use the directional buttons to select the icon for the music content being played under Music.

      The mini-size control panel is displayed.


      • The icon is displayed at the top under (Music).
      • The mini-size control panel can be hidden by pressing the Circle button while playing music.

      Status and control panel icons

      Previous: Go back to the beginning of the current or previous track.

      Next: Go to the beginning of the next track.

      Stop: Stop playback and hide the mini-size control panel.

      Shuffle: Play tracks in a random order.

      Repeat: Play tracks repeatedly. You can select one of the following repeat modes by pressing the X button.

      • Play one track repeatedly.
      • Play all tracks repeatedly.
      • Clear repeat play and play all tracks in order.

      Volume Control: Adjust the volume output level of the tracks being played under Music. You can select one of five levels.


      • If the volume output level is too high, the audio may become distorted. In this case, lower the level.

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