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    Use the on screen keyboard

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    • Find out how to use the on-screen keyboard to enter text easily on PS3.

      1. Cursor

      2. Text entry field

      3. Displays predictive options

      4. Operation keys

      5. Displays when predictive mode is on

      6. Input mode display

      Entering text

      The following steps explain how to enter text, using the word "fun" as an example.

      1. Select [f] on the keyboard, and then press the button.
      Repeat this step for the characters [u] and [n].

      2. Select [Enter], and then press the button.
      The characters you entered are confirmed.

      3. Select [Enter], and then press the button again.
      The text is entered and the keyboard closes.


      • For details about using the on-screen keyboard, refer to the online user's guide ateu.playstation.com/ps3/support/manuals.
      • You can also enter text using a USB keyboard or Bluetooth®-compatible keyboard (both sold separately). With the on-screen keyboard displayed, press any key on the connected keyboard to start entering text.

      List of keys

      Keys that are displayed vary depending on the input mode and other conditions.

      Insert a line break.

      Move the cursor within the text entry field.

      Delete the character to the left of the cursor.

      Insert a space.

      Switch the input mode.

      Confirm characters that have been entered and exit the keyboard.

      Switch to the mini-size keyboard.

      Insert a symbol.

      Switch the type of characters to be entered.

      Copy or paste text.

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