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    Use voice video chat

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    • Find out how to use PS3 to enable voice and video chats with other users.

      Starting a new voice / video chat

      [Start New Chat] is an option under Friends.

      If you select the icon, you can start a voice / video chat. Select the person you want to invite to the chat room from the screen that is displayed.


      • Before starting a new chat, please ensure you have added your friends to your Friends List.

      Display Photo

      [Display Photo] is part of the voice / video chat options menu. During voice / video chat, you can display an image under Photo instead of the camera image or an avatar. Press the Triangle button during a chat to display the options menu, and then select [Display Photo].

      Voice / video chat menu

      The voice / video chat menu has been changed.

      If you select Friends > [Start New Chat], a chat room screen will be displayed. You can perform various operations using the menu that is displayed on the screen.

      Invite a Friend: Create a message to invite a person to join a chat room.
      Tools: Display an image from Photo. Create a message for everyone in a chat session.
      View: Adjust settings related to the chat screen display.
      Chat Settings: Adjust settings for an audio device or camera.
      Leave: Leave (exit) the chat room.

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