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    VidZone frequently asked questions

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    • Everything you need to know about the free music video application coming to PS3 in June 2009.

      What can I watch on VidZone?

      With VidZone on PlayStation 3 you can create your very own personal music experience. The service features thousands of music videos from well known artists, with many more coming in regular updates. VidZone is a leading online music video service and is able to provide a vast range of videos from many genres.

      Does it cost anything?

      No, the application itself can be downloaded for free from PlayStation Store, giving you unlimited access to all of the music videos.

      How will I access the application once I've downloaded it?

      The VidZone icon will appear under Music on the PS3 Home Menu (XMB); select it to start the application. You can then browse videos and create playlists using the Wireless Controller. The controls will be familiar if you're used to PlayStation Store and there is a manual detailing more advanced controls at eu.playstation.com/vidzone.

      How do I use the VidZone main menu?

      VidZone's main menu is accessible by pressing the Circle button from the Featured screen, the first screen you see when launching VidZone. The VidZone main menu carousel allows access to On-Demand content, TV, Settings, and back to the Featured screen.

      What is TV in VidZone?

      It is possible to watch exclusive music TV channels created by VidZone. These are made up of your favourite VidZone artists and genres. You can select featured TV channels from the Featured screen and also by accessing the TV menu via the main menu carousel. It's possible to browse all channels available in your territory and save these under My Favourites by pressing the Triangle button to select Options. VidZone will play a featured TV channel automatically when starting up.

      Can I control TV channels just like I can with my playlists?

      It is not possible to skip tracks, fast forward or rewind whilst watching a TV channel.

      Where can I find my playlists?

      These can be found under On-Demand on the main menu carousel. Now Playing only represents On-Demand music videos and playlists and not TV channels.

      Is it possible to save a Recommended Playlist as my own?

      Yes, just select the Recommended Playlist you want to save, press the Triangle button and then select [Save as a Playlist].

      Can I loop or shuffle a playlist that is playing?

      It is possible to loop or shuffle an On-Demand playlist by pressing the Triangle button on Now Playing within the On-Demand menu. Select Loop On / Off or Random to shuffle your Now Playing list.

      What is the difference between On-Demand and VidZone TV?

      On-Demand lets you tailor the music video to your own tastes; you can search for your favourite artists and create your own playlists. VidZone TV is a feature available on the main menu carousel which provides pre-selected music TV channels.

      Does the video window fill the screen?

      While you are browsing a menu, either TV, On-Demand or Settings, a window is visible on the left hand side of the screen. You can switch full-screen mode on and off at any time with the SELECT button. It is also possible to access the main menu by pressing the Circle button when at the top of the menus or in the Feaured screen.

      How many videos can I have in my playlist?

      As many as you like; there's no limit to how many videos you can add or how many playlists you can create.

      Can I skip to the next video?

      In On-Demand, you can pause, rewind or fast forward a video, or skip to the next or last one in your playlist, at any time.

      What criteria can I use when searching?

      You can search by the name of the video or the name of the artist, and you can refine your search by limiting results to a particular genre. You can input into the search by using the virtual Keyboard which is accessed by pressing the Triangle button. It is also possible to search using related keywords, so for example searching for "Kill" will find "The Killers".

      Will I have to wait for the music videos to download?

      No, the videos are streamed so they should open and play immediately, providing you have a reliable Internet connection.

      What can I access via Remote Play for PSP?

      Everything - you can watch videos, browse the collection and edit your playlists.

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