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    Getting started with your iPhone 3GS

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    • Three simple steps and you're done.

      It's easy to set up the basics on your iPhone. You'll need:

      • A Mac or PC with a USB port
      • Connection to the internet - so you can activate your iPhone
      • The latest version of iTunes (see Step 3)
      • An iTunes Store account (to buy from the iTunes Store or App Store)

      Step 1 - Insert your SIM

      Insert your SIM

      In the box your iPhone came in, you'll find a SIM eject tool. It's attached to the inside of the black booklet that has the user guide.

      This tool opens the SIM tray - insert it fully and the tray will open slightly so you can pull it out. Put your SIM into the tray and slide it back into your iPhone.

      Press the power button at the top of your iPhone to switch it on.

      Step 2 - Charge your iPhone

      Before you can charge your iPhone, you need to put together the mains charger.

      In the box your iPhone came in you'll find the charger head, as well as a USB cable. Insert the USB cable into the charger head and put the other end into the bottom of your iPhone.

      Plug the charger head into the mains, then switch on to charge your iPhone.

      Step 3 - Activate your iPhone

      To use your iPhone, you need to activate it by connecting to iTunes. Your iPhone will prompt you to do this. Here's how to activate it if you're switching from another phone:

      • Check your voicemail
      • Move your contacts, photos and music off of your current phone (you won't be able to access them once your new SIM is activated)
      • Put in your new SIM (see Step 1 on this page) and charge your iPhone
      • Download and install the latest version of iTunes
      • Connect your iPhone to your computer - iTunes automatically recognises it
      • Make sure you're connected to the internet - it's essential to activate your iPhone
      • Follow the instructions on your computer's screen

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