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    Getting started with your iPhone 4

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    • Here's what to do before exploring the features on your iPhone 4. If you don't want to keep your existing Vodafone mobile phone number, skip straight to Step 2. If you're joining us from another network, you can ignore step 4 and start from Step 2. If you need more help visit our help centre or Apple's guide to using your iPhone.

      Step 1 - If you're keeping your existing Vodafone mobile number

      Look on the back of the MicroSIM that came with your iPhone 4 and you'll see a number. Write this down - you'll need it when you come to activate it. You'll also need to write down the number that's on the back of the standard SIM in your current phone - you'll see why in Step 4.

      Step 2 - Make sure you've got an iTunes Music Store account

      You activate your iPhone 4 using the iTunes software and store, so you need an iTunes account. This will also be useful when you start downloading music, apps and more.

      Step 3 - Back up all your contacts and calendar details

      Even if you're getting a new number with your iPhone 4 MicroSIM, you'll still want to keep all the contacts and calendar details stored on your current phone. Use a quick and easy back-up service to save everything until you're ready to put it all onto your new iPhone 4. How to back up your phone.

      Step 4 - Activate your Micro SIM (existing Vodafone customers only)

      To activate your iPhone 4’s Micro SIM, just go to our simple online form – make sure you have the SIM number you wrote down in Step 1. You’ll need to log in to My account to complete this process, or register if you haven’t already.

      Please note: To use the online form, you must be a pay monthly, small business or One Net customer in the UK.

      If you’re a pay as you go customer, just call 191 from your Vodafone mobile. For Corporate accounts, please contact your account manager.

      If you’re moving your number from a standard SIM, you’ll know your number has been moved to your Micro SIM when ‘Vodafone UK’ no longer appears on the homescreen of the phone containing your standard SIM.

      Step 5 - Inserting the SIM card

      Getting started with iPhoneIn the box your iPhone came in, you'll find a SIM eject tool. It's attached to the inside of the black booklet that has the user guide. 

      This tool opens the SIM tray - insert it fully and the tray will open slightly so you can pull it out. Put your SIM into the tray and slide it back into your iPhone.

      Press the power button at the top of your iPhone to switch it on.

      Step 6 - Activate your iPhone 4

      To activate your iPhone 4, insert your MicroSIM then connect to iTunes using the cable provided - it plugs into a USB socket on your computer. Your iPhone 4 should be recognised automatically by the software. Then just follow the on-screen instructions.

      Step 7 - Sync all your contacts and calendar details

      This is the final step. Using the back-up service you chose in Step 3, download all your stored contact and calendar details to your new iPhone 4.

      And that's it - you're ready to enjoy your iPhone 4.

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