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    How can I get an itemised copy of my phone bill?

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      If you register for My account you can see your bills online for free. If you want itemised paper billing this costs £1.54 a month for each number. Just text ITEMISED to 97888 and we'll text you back when it's done.

      We have made a video with Gerry to help explain how your bill looks and what it all means - it covers everything from your first bill through to going abroad and upgrading. You can watch it online now 

      Ask Gerry about your bill

      Register for online billing

      Pay as you go


      You can register to see your bills online - this is a free service.

      To register for business online billing, you'll need your Vodafone mobile phone handy - as we may send you an access code by text message. You'll also need a copy of your Vodafone bill for that number - as part of the security check. Once you are registered you will get your paper summary bill only. 

      If you don't want this, simply let us know and we will remove it for you.

      If you want itemised billing on your paper phone bill we can do this, however there will be a minimum charge of £1.54 per mobile number per bill.

      Register for business online billing

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