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    Setting up the Samsung Galaxy SII for the first time

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    • Step 1:

      Press and hold the Power key to turn the phone on.

      Click Next to continue, or click the highlighted area on the phone.

      Step 2:

      Wait for the phone to start up.

      Click Next to continue.

      Step 3:

      Tap the required SIM service (e.g. Vodafone Contract).

      Step 4:

      Tap the Android icon.

      Step 5:

      To create a new Google account, tap Create.

      Note: If you already have a Google account, tap Sign in. If you want to set up an account later, tap Skip.

      Step 6:

      Tap the First name field.

      Step 7:

      Enter your first name, then tap the Last name field.

      Step 8:

      Enter your last name, then tap the Username field.

      Step 9:

      Enter the required username, then tap Done.

      Step 10:

      Tap Next.

      Step 11:

      Wait whilst the username is checked.

      Click Next to continue.

      Step 12:

      Tap the Type a password field.

      Step 13:

      Enter the required password, then tap the Confirm passwordfield.

      Step 14:

      Confirm the password, then tap Done.

      Step 15:

      Tap Next.

      Step 16:

      Tap the Security question dropdown menu.

      Step 17:

      Tap the required security question (e.g. Father's middle name).

      Step 18:

      Tap the Answer field.

      Step 19:

      Enter the answer, then tap the Secondary email field.

      Step 20:

      Enter a secondary email address, then tap Done.

      Step 21:

      Tap Create.

      Step 22:

      Read the Google Terms of Service, then tap I agree, Next.

      Step 23:

      Tap the text field.

      Step 24:

      Enter the characters displayed in the picture, then tap Done.

      Step 25:

      Tap Next.

      Step 26:

      Wait whilst the account is created.

      Click Next to continue.

      Step 27:

      Tap Next.

      Step 28:

      Tap Next.

      Step 29:

      Tap Finish setup.

      Step 30:

      Tap the Set date field.

      Step 31:

      Tap the + or - icons to adjust the date, then tap Set.

      Step 32:

      Tap the Set time field.

      Step 33:

      Tap the + or - icons to adjust the time, then tap Set.

      Step 34:

      Tap Next.

      Step 35:

      The phone is now ready for use.

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