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  • The Switchover explained

    • Why is it happening?

      Digital is now the best technology for broadcasting TV. To make sure we all receive it, the digital signal needs to be available everywhere. After the switchover, almost everyone (at least 98.5% of the UK) will be able to receive digital TV through a conventional aerial.

      What do I need to do?

      If you receive more than five channels, your TV is probably digital. If not, you will need to connect to a digital set-top box, or replace it. This applies to all the TVs in your home, as well any other recorder (video or DVD) that you use to record from the TV.

      Do I need a new TV?

      No, but if your TV is still analogue, it won't work after the switchover unless you convert it with a separate digital set-top box.

      Will my recorder still work?

      After the switchover, video and analogue DVD recorders will still work as before, but will not be able to record any digital channels. Your best option is to upgrade to a digital recorder that allows you to record onto a hard drive, a DVD or both.
      Whatever you choose, make sure your new equipment has a DVB symbol and the 'digital tick' logo. This means it's designed to work before and after the switchover. Also, you will need to re-tune your digital products regularly to get the latest channels/services.

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  • Retuning Guide

  • The Digital Switchover is about to happen in my area, what do I need to do?

  • Why, since the 'Digital Switchover', has my TV picture started to break up and show a 'blocky' picture? The sound is also crackly!

  • Since the Digital Switchover has happened, I can not record TV programmes

  • What is the digital switchover?

    • The digital switchover is a process that has started across the UK. All analogue channels will be turned off on a region by region basis and will be replaced with a newer and stronger digital signal.

      When do I switch?

      Depending on your area, you will have certain dates provided by Digital UK to let you know when your area is changing over. The switchover will take place in two stages. Full information about the switchover in your area can be found at the digital uk websitehttp://www.digitaluk.co.uk.

      How do I switch?

      During, after and even sometimes before your area switches over, you will need to retune your digital equipment to receive the new channels and services. For infromation on how to retune your Philips TV or DVD recorder click here.

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  • How To Retune?

  • Upgrade Solutions

    • We have a wide range of digital products

      Some TV's older than 10 years may not have a built in digital tuner and will not work after the analogue channels have turned off. If your TV has a SCART connection, you can simply connect a digital set top box to continue to enjoy the digital services.

      To check to see what models of TV's and digital equipment are not supported after the digital switch over click here to view the list.

      Need a Set Top box?

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  • Switchover Updates

    • Regions affected

      Due to important transmission changes from 01- 04 November in many northern cities such as Manchester and Birmingham, you may experience a loss of some or all digital services on your TV. If your area is listed in the table below you will need to retune your TV after the date provided to regain full digital TV services.

      Huntshaw CrossCOM4, COM5, COM601/11/11
      Sutton ColdfieldCOM601/11/11
      Caradon HillCOM5, COM602/11/11
      Keelylang HillCOM602/11/11
      Rumster ForestCOM602/11/11
      Brierley HillCOM603/11/11
      Keelylang HillCOM503/11/11
      RedruthCOM4, COM5, COM603/11/11
      Rumster ForestCOM503/11/11
      Winter HillCOM603/11/11

      London switchover dates announced

      London will go digital on 4 April 2012, in time for the London 2012 Olympic Games. 

      Analogue BBC Two will disappear in London and neighbouring parts of Berkshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex and Surrey on 4 April 2012. The remaining analogue channels-BBC One, ITV1, Channel Four and Channel Five-will then be turned off on 18 April 2012. 

      London's switchover will be the biggest in the UK, affecting nearly twelve million viewers and extending Freeview coverage to all parts of the capital and neighbouring areas for the first time.

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  • Can I watch analogue TV after the switchover has completed?

  • I am subscribed to a cable TV service such as Virgin Media/ Sky, will I still need to retune?

  • I want to upgrade my equipment, who do I contact

  • Will I need a seperate Digital Box

    • Depending on the age of your TV, your TV may not have a digital tuner that is compatible with the new digital signal. If your TV has a SCART connection you can simply connect a digital freeview box to your TV to continue to enjoy the benifits of digital TV. We would recommend the DTR230 digital box, available to purchase from £30. Click here to view the information on our partner distributors website.
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  • My TV does not have a SCART Connection, can I still use a set top box?

  • How often do I need to retune my TV?

    • On, or after both of your two switchover stages in your area, or if you have lost any TV channels or services

      You will be given two retune dates from digital Uk. You would need to retune your TV at these dates provided. Sometimes, even before, during and after these dates you may have to retune your TV again if the signal around you is being worked on in surrounding areas.

      If you are experiencing any problems with your signal you may need to try retune first to resolve the problem before contacting digital Uk.

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  • I have tried retuning but I am still having problems

    • Below is general troubleshooting that is known to resolve the majority of issues experienced after and during the digital switch over. If you are still experiencing a problem after trying the steps below, contact digital UK as you may need to check the services available in your area.

    • If you have selected "channel update" or "add channels". Turn off these settings and do a full retune.
    • Not all channells are available in all areas. To find out what channels you get in your area go to the predictave postcode checker on the digital uk website atdigital.co.uk/postcodechecker
    • Switch over is in two stages, inbetween there may be times when you have low signal in your area while digital uk are working on the signal. Try retuning, and if you still experience a problem contact digital UK direclty at their website for more information.
    • If your area has completed the switch over and you are not receiving any digital services or analogue signal. Please check the lost of affected equipment that will no longer be supported after the digital switchover. You can view this list at digtiluk.co.uk/troubleshooting
    • If you are still having problems in your area you may need to have your arial inspected to ensure that it is pointing to your local transmitter. After the switch over your transmitter may change, contact digital UK to keep up to date with the services in your area. Http://www.digitaluk.co.uk

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  • I have the wrong regional Service?

    • During and after the switch over the new digital signal transmissions will be at a higher level than before. Meaning that depending on the area you are in, your tuner may tune into services from surrounding transmitters or replays.

      Reposition your channels

      If your tuner is tuning

      You may want to set up your favourites to store your channels in a menu to easily access your correct regional services and favourite channels.

      Or you can manually tune in the channels by following the instructions in the user manual for your TV.

      Remove amplifiers

      As the signal will be stronger after the digital switchover, if you are using any equipment in your home to boost or amplify the signal, you may want to try removing these as they may no longer be necessary and in many instances may cause you to receive other regional services.

      Turn off over night update channel scan

      If your TV has this option in the settings menu, turn off the automatic over night update scan as during the switchover as services are changing, this may minimise the number of times you will have to retune your TV if you keep loosing channels and digital services

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  • I have retuned but I still have no channels?

    • Depending on your area you may be inbetween the two stages of the switchover, or there may be a signalling issue in your area.

      During the switchover you may experience loss of channels and services, or unavailable services for a period of time if Digital UK are working on the transmitter in your area.

      Check your post code for any service distruptions

      Visit http://www.digitaluk.co.uk and enter your post code and house number on the right hand side of the page. You will then be directed to you an online page that will notify you if you are in the progress of the switch over or if there is any planned engineering work being carried out in your area.

      Reset your TV to factory settings?

      Follow the reset guidelines below:

      If your TV has a menu button on the side or the top of the TV, you can reset your TV by following the instructions below. If your TV does not have a menu button on the side or top, the reset instrucitons can be found in the menu options for your TV. Please refer to the user guide for your TV on how to find the exact instructions.

      To reset your TV using the "MENU BUTTON" follow the instructions below

      • Hold down the menu button on the top or side of your TV for at least 10-15 seconds

      • An on screen menu will appear asking you to enter the time, date and location settings

      • Follow the onscreen instrucitons, and once completed your TV will reset to factory settings

      Did the reset resolve the problem? If not please contact us on the free phone number 0800 331 6015 and we will be happy to help you, or you can click above to contact a live chat advisor.

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