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    Microwave troubleshooting

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    • Problems you can try fixing
      ProblemWhat to do
      The light inside my microwave isn't working

      Turn off the electricity to the appliance at your fuse box or consumer unit.

      Check your user manual to see how to change the bulb. If you need to remove the microwave casing to change the bulb, you must not proceed.

      The turntable on my microwave is faulty or noisy.

      Make sure the turntable is fitted correctly, with nothing to stop it turning properly.

      Check the items you place on the turntable aren't too large.

      The inside of my microwave has become discoloured

      This is perfectly normal and is caused by cooking fluids and steam.

      Clean your microwave regularly to reduce the signs of wear and tear.

      My microwave is more noisy than normal

      Make sure it's not resting against a wall or another appliance - this can make natural vibrations noisier.

      There's steam coming from my microwave and staining it

      This is totally normal - the appliance has to vent the heat it generates.

      Clean your microwave to reduce the signs of wear and tear.

      There's condensation on the inside of my microwave

      Make sure your food is covered when cooking in the microwave.

      Problems you need an engineer for
      ProblemWhat to do
      There's a burning smell coming from my microwave

      Turn the appliance off and please call us immediately on 0800 294 9650.*

      Check for any spillages inside that could be burning.

      If it's safe to do so, unplug the microwave and don't use or touch it.

      I can see sparking and flashing inside my microwave

      Make sure you're using microwave-proof containers - don't use tin foil or cutlery with gold rims.

      Check the microwave is clean inside - burnt food can cause sparking and flashing.

      If the problem continues, please call us immediately on 0800 294 9560.*

      My microwave keeps blowing a fuse or tripping the circuit breaker

      If you think it's a faulty socket, see British Gas advice on electric wiring.

      If you think the microwave is faulty, and it's covered on your Kitchen Appliance Cover, please call us on 0800 294 9560.* We recommend you do not use until it has been checked by a qualified engineer.

      The controls on the front of my microwave are faulty
      There's a problem with my microwave door

      If your microwave is covered by British Gas under Kitchen Appliance Cover, book a callout on 
      0800 294 9650.*

      * Calls may be monitored and/or recorded for quality assurance and compliance purposes.

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