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    My driver is not installed to use Home Energy Top Up?

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    • If this message appears, 'Error communicating with card the card reader may not be properly installed' . This is normal. A driver needs to be installed on your computer to use Home Energy Top Up. Lots of computers do this automatically but if your computer doesn't it will tell you that you'll need to manually download the driver.

      To manually download the driver:

      1. Go to the download page.
      2. Choose the driver that matches your Windows operating system.
      3. You will need to know what operating system your computer uses.

      You can check which operating system you are using by following these steps.

      1. Hold down the windows button and pause/break key
      2. This will open a system properties window that will tell you if you are using a 32 bit or 64 bit operating system (Windows XP will be 32 bit unless otherwise stated). You can now choose the correct version of driver to install by:
      3. Clicking Run on the file download window.
      4. When it's finished downloading, reboot your computer.
      5. Now you should be ready to top up.

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