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    My electricity key is faulty/damaged: what should I do?

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    • This could be a fault with your meter or your key.

      Unable to top at your local PayPoint store

      Please try another location as this may be a problem with the store's terminal. Find a PayPoint near you.

      Error messages on your meter

      If you have an error message on your meter it could be a problem with your key or your meter. If it is a fault with your key we can arrange a new one for you. If the fault is with your meter we can arrange for an engineer to fix it. Please call us on 0800 048 0303* so we can determine the problem.

      When you call us, please make sure:

      1. you're near your meter
      2. you've noted the fault message on the screen
      3. you have your meter serial number handy

      How to find your meter serial number

      This is the number beginning with S or F and usually under the screen next to the barcode, as shown below. (If you can't find it, phone us when you're by the meter and we will help you.)

      If you need a new key

      When you call us we will give you a reference number. Wait at least 1 hour then take your reference number to your local PayPoint to collect your new key.

      Unable to collect the key yourself?

      We can post a new key to you within 3 working days. Call us on 
      0800 048 0303.*

      *Calls may be recorded and/or monitored for quality assurance and compliance purposes.

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