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    My radiator(s) isn't working

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    • First check if the problem is with one radiator, or with all your radiators.

      Problem with just one radiator

      Try turning the radiator valves to maximum (turn the taps anticlockwise). If this doesn't work you may have to bleed the radiator to remove any air in it. This may need to be done if you've recently decorated or had to remove/isolate the radiator.

      How to bleed a radiator

      You'll need:

      • a radiator bleed key - these can be bought from a DIY shop
      • a dry cloth
      • to wait until your central heating system is completely cold

      1. For safety, turn the central heating and hot water off.
      2. Place the dry cloth under the radiator to catch any water that may come out.
      3. Find the square bleed screw at the top of the radiator on the side or back.
      4. Insert the bleed key and turn it slowly anti-clockwise (by no more than 2 turns as the screw shouldn't be removed completely) until you hear a hissing noise.
      5. Wait until the hissing stops and you start to see small amounts of water coming from the bleed screw.
      6. Retighten the screw but be careful not to over-tighten it.
      7. Got a combination boiler? Check the pressure gauge on the front of the boiler. If it's below its normal setting, you'll need to add water to your boiler. See your boiler manual on how to do this.
      8. You can now put the heating back on.

      Problem with all your radiators? See my central heating is not working.

      Still not working? If the problem continues, book a callout.

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