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    Refrigerator, fridge freezer and freezer troubleshooting

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    • Problems you can try fixing
      ProblemWhat to do
      Appliance is too coldCheck the thermostat is set to the right temperature - your user manual will show you how to do this.
      Appliance isn't cold enough or is defrostingCheck the thermostat is set to the right temperature - your user manual will show you how to do this.

      Check the door is closed properly, or hasn't been left open for too long recently.

      Check the appliance isn't overloaded with food.

      Check the fridge-freezer has a fast freeze switch, which bypasses the thermostat - if so, switch it on and call an engineer.

      Sides of the appliance are hot around the door

      Usually normal - some appliances use side panels to take away heat and to stop the door from freezing shut.

      There's water on the outside of the appliance

      Condensation can form on a cold surface, which is not usually a problem - if the problem gets very bad, call an engineer.

      Appliance is making a strange noise

      Check the appliance isn't pushed back against the wall as this could make natural vibrations noisier.

      Periodic clicking noises could mean the motor is overheating - turn the appliance off and call an engineer.

      Light inside the appliance is faulty

      Turn off the electricity to the appliance at your fuse box.

      Check your user manual guide for how to replace the bulb.

      Problems you need an engineer for
      ProblemWhat to do
      Burning smell, sparking or electric shocks coming from the fridge, fridge-freezer or freezer or appliance keeps blowing a fuse or tripping the circuit breaker

      Turn off the appliance immediately, unplug it and don't use it or touch it. Please call us on 0800 294 9650.*

      If just this appliance is affected and the appliance is covered on your Kitchen Appliance Cover, please call us on 
      0800 294 9650.*

      If other appliances are affected, seeBritish Gas advice on electric wiring.

      Ice in the bottom of the fridge, fridge-freezer or freezer

      Ice is normal in some fridges, fridge-freezers and freezers that are not frost-free

      If your appliance is supposed to be frost free, then the defrost cycle isn't working -book a callout.

      Appliance door is faulty or damaged trim parts or fittings are affecting the appliance's operation
      or there's a thick brown liquid leaking out of my appliance

      If you have Kitchen Appliance Cover and the appliance is covered, please call us on
      0800 294 9650*

      * Calls may be monitored and/or recorded for quality assurance and compliance purposes.

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