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    Socket troubleshooting

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    • Problems you should not try to fix:

      If you have any of the following problems, switch off your electrical supply and call us on 0800 294 9650*:

      • sparking, crackling noises coming from the socket
      • socket(s) getting hot or showing burn marks
      • socket(s) won't switch on or off
      • socket(s) are damaged

      My sockets are tripping the electrics

      Turn off every socket and turn each one on in turn to see which socket is tripping the electrics. When you've found the correct socket, the problem could be with the socket or the appliance plugged into that socket. Try the appliance in a different socket - if the electricity trips again, it's the appliance.

      If it's the socket causing the problem, call 0800 294 9650* to book a callout on your Home Electrical Care/Cover. Not covered? Call 
      0800 072 6335* for a one-off electrical repair.

      If it's the appliance causing the problem and the appliance is covered on your Kitchen Appliance Care/Cover, book a callout on 0800 294 9650*.

      My sockets aren't working

      First, check if the socket itself is the problem by plugging in an appliance, then follow these steps:

      • Check all sockets in the house: see if the fuse box has blown or the circuit breaker needs to be reset. More about fuse boxes
      • Not a problem with the fuse box? See if any other electrical items in your home, such as lights or appliances, have been affected. If so, it could be a power cut.

      If it's just your home affected, call us on 0800 294 9650*.

      If other houses nearby are affected, contact your local electricity distributor - the company that distributes electricity to your area of the UK. To find the contact number for your property please use our Electrical Emergency Number finder.

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