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    Topping up with British Gas if you have Internet Explorer 9

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      The solution to topping up with British Gas if you have Internet Explorer 9 actually turned out somewhat ironically to use Firefox… I know that sounds mad but bear with me. This is how it works. Firefox can use add ons, there are thousands of these out there. Some of these are specifically designed to use Internet Explorer inside Firefox. This is how you solve the problem.

      The best add on I have found so far that does this is IE Tab Plus – you can get this by going to this web address – https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/ie-tab-plus-ff-36/. Once you have installed IE Tab Plus – open up the British Gas Topup SiteBEFORE you do anything else right click on one side and you will get an option View Page in IE Tab Plus, hover over this and select Switch Rendering Engine. The little flame icon on the tab will change to an IE.

      Bear in mind that when you update Firefox some plugins may not work with the updated version. There are however a lot of “IE Tab” add ons though so you may need to swap and use a different plugin.

      Another solution to try

      If the topup wont work with IE9 you use the dev mode in IE9 and change it to IE8 or even IE7 with a simple click

      heres how :-
      - load up your IE9 like normal
      - hit F12
      - DEV CONSOLE will load at the bottom of the current page ,locate “BROWSER MODE” its the 8th tab along the to of the dev console click it and check the version of IE you wish to use

      - now you can continue on with topping up your key/gas

      when done follow steps to revert it back to IE9 an close console by the “X” top left of console 

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