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    What do I get with EnergySmart™?

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    • EnergySmart is the only service to offer accurate monthly billing, unique online management tools and a free electricity monitor putting you in control of your energy usage

      Our simple online tools help you compare, manage and reduce your usage, you can even find out how your energy usage compares to other British Gas customers, see how you rank against them and get personalised advice to help you improve your position.

      The service is free and can be added to most of our tariffs.

      1. Monitor your usage with a free electricity monitor. 
        See exactly how much energy you're using. It will encourage you to make small energy saving changes to help you save money.
      2. Take control with accurate monthly billing. 
        Put an end to estimated bills with monthly billing. Submit your monthly meter readings online, via our iphone app. or by SMS, so you only pay for what you use.
      3. Compare your energy usage to other British Gas customers, 
        You can compare your usage with similar households in your area using our consumption comparison tool and we will give you personalised advice on ways to reduce your usage
      4. Smart and simple online tools Stay in control online with easy access to your account anytime, so you can check your bill, submit a meter reading, and monitor your gas and electricity use over the year

      Useful additional tools include: 

        a. Predictive spend calculator
        b. Consumption history information
        c. Energy Saving help and advice

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