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    Why have my Payment Card instalments gone up?

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    • When we review your account, we may find that your current payments are not enough to cover your energy usage for the year. This may be due to a number of reasons, including:

      1. Energy usage changes

      Your gas or electricity consumption can change from time to time and this will influence what your payments need to be.

      Reasons for using more energy may include:

      • colder weather
      • having more people in the house
      • using more electrical appliances
      • working from home

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      Tip: The best way to make sure your bills and payments reflect your energy usage is to give us an up-to-date meter reading regularly.

      2. Price and/or tariff changes

      If there has been a recent price change or you've changed tariff, your payments may need to be adjusted to meet your predicted energy costs.

      3. Debit balance on your account

      If you have a debit balance on your account, your energy costs are higher than the payments you're making. We may need to increase your payments to cover this and to help make sure your account stays more accurate.

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