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    How do I clear the cache on my Sony Ericsson phone?

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    • X10 and X8

      To clear the cache:

      1. Double tap the bottom of the screen to bring up the main menu
      2. Tap Browser
      3. Press the Menu key
      4. Tap More
      5. Tap Settings
      6. Highlight Clear cache and Tap 
      7. Tap OK to the warning The cache will be cleared.


      1. Press the Menu key (white key)
      2. Tap Internet
      3. Tap Options
      4. Tap Clear privacy data
      5. Tap Cache


      1. Press Menu (Navi key)
      2. Highlight Internet and press Select (Navi key)
      3. Press Options (left soft key)
      4. Highlight Advanced and press Select (Navi key)
      5. Highlight the Other tab by pressing the Navi key to the right
      6. Highlight Clear cache and press Select (Navi key)
      6. Press Yes (Navi key) to the message Clear cache?.

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