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    How do I setup a Googlemail account from my Sony Ericsson phone?

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    • You'll need to setup/sign in to a Googlemail account to be able to use the Market Place Store to download Apps.

      1. Double tap the bottom of the screen to bring up the main menu
      2. Tap Market
      3. Tap Next on the Set up your Google account page

      To setup a new account:

      1. Tap Create
      2. Tap the First name text box and enter your first name
      3. Tap the Last name text box and enter your last name
      4. Tap the Username text box and enter a username that will then become your e-mail address
      5. Tap Return twice
      6. Tap Next
      7. The phone will now connect to the network to see if the emial address is OK
      8. Tap the Type a password text box and enter a password for your account
      9. Tap the Confirm password text box and re-enter the password for your account
      10. Tap Return twice
      11. Tap Next
      12. Tap the Security question drop down box and tap a question
      13. Tap the Answer text box and enter your answer
      14. Tap the Secondary Email text box and enter an other e-mail address that is yours
      15. Tap Return twice
      16. Tap Create
      17. Tap I agree, Next to the Google Terms of Service
      18. The phone will now communicate with the google servers and setup the account (this could take up to 5 minutes)
      19. Tap the text box and enter the characters that apear in the box above
      20. Tap Next
      21. Tap Accept to the Android Market Terms of Service

      Your account will now be active.

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