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    I'm having problems topping up my mobile

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    • We're sorry for any problems you're having when trying to top up your mobile. Please read the information below before contacting customer service as it may help to resolve your problem. 

      Voucher top-ups
      • Should your voucher number not be accepted by our automated top-up line, it could be for one of many reasons:
      • Please check the voucher purchased is specifically for the O2 network.

      • Ensure the voucher has not been used previously.

      Credit card top-ups
      • Due to the security issues surrounding the use of credit cards there are many rules associated with this service. Please make sure the card you are using is valid and you are following the automated instructions precisely. 

      E Top-up
      • At the point of sale, you should be handed a receipt containing the following information:
      • Transaction ID
      • Your mobile number
      • The amount due to be credited
      • Confirmation of your E Top-up "Transaction Successful" or "Transaction Failed"
      • If you are not given a receipt, it is unlikely that we would be able to help if your mobile is not credited. If this is the case, or you do not see a message indicating that the transaction was successful, please return to the retailer in the first instance. 

      Cash machine top-up
      • If your top-up is successful you will receive a receipt from the machine, however should your top-up fail then the display on the ATM machine will advise whether you need to refer to the bank or to O2. 

      Web top-up
      • Make sure your personal details registered correspond to your registered credit/debit card billing address. This is important as we validate your details with your card issuer each time you top up to prevent misuse or fraud.
      • The maximum amount you can top-up across the top-up phone line and Web top-up is £100 every 30 days. In addition there is a £30 limit each 24 hours by these methods. If you have already topped up to this level then you will need to use one of our other top-up methods such as E Top-up, Cash machine top-up or vouchers.
      • Has your card issuer supplied you with a new credit/debit card recently? Make sure that the expiry date and/or issue number is still correct.
      • You may have insufficient credit available on your credit or debit card. Check with your card issuer for more details.
      • If you need to contact us regarding any top-up service problems please provide the following information:
      • Date, time and method time of the top-up
      • Voucher number 
      • Mobile number concerned
      • Current balance on mobile
      • Value of top-up
      • E Top-up card number (8944.....) 
      • Transaction ID
      • Error messages heard or seen
      • We are unable to help if you add credit to the wrong mobile number.

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