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    How do I setup Mobile Mail using Android?

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    • before you begin you need to download the application to your handset.

      Android devices will have unknown sources switched off by default which means no applications outside of the google market can be installed so the setting needs to be changed:

      • Tap MENU
      • Scroll to and tap SETTINGS
      • Scroll to and tap APPLICATIONS
      • Tap UNKNOWN SOURCES so a tick appears in the box

      you can now download the application by following the below steps

      • to download an email client text email to 247
      • receive a text from Orange with a link to Orange World
      • click on the link to Orange World to go to the email landing page
      • click 'download the application' link
      • the application will download to the phone and the phone will ask to install. Click Yes

      once the application has been installed you can find it by:

      • going to your main applications menu and locate the Mail client from your list of apps
      • once found to move it to the home screen, press and hold the icon, the home screen will then appear, all you need to do know is to choose where you would like it to go. Just release your finger from the screen once you have decided and it will remain there until you move it again
      • click the Mail icon to start the Mobile Mail application

      now that you have Mobile Mail installed you will want to know how to setup and manage your account, the below instructions will help you do this

      add an account:
      • Tap menu button and choose My Account. Choose Add account
      • Select service provider, or Others. If any of the already existing service providers is selected, the system gets the server information automatically. If Others is chosen, in addition to user name and password user may have to fill in ingoing and outgoing servers

      • The system creates an account and subscription for the user in the Relay server

      • The system connects to the service provider's mail server. Service provider confirms that the credentials are correct

      • Configure the account and choose the services you want to synchronize in addition to emails. Confirm, and the synchronization will start

      send an email:

      • Sending email from the phone can be initiated from three different locations: from Email, from Contacts, and from Social Hub. When you go to Email, and tap All emails, all email folders are shown in the same view
      • Choose to compose. Add recipient and write the message. Add files if needed
      • Choose which address you want to be seen as sender's address and send the message
      • The system checks account validity. If user's subscription is valid, emails can be delivered
      • Message is sent. A copy of the sent message is stored to service provider's mail server

      create a contact:

      • Tap the menu button and choose Contacts. You can view the list all contacts and see the details and communication history of each of them
      • Choose Create to add a new contact
      • Fill in all the details you have and save

      create a calendar event

      • Tap menu button and choose Calendar. Creating new event can be initiated in almost any view: day view, month view, list view, etc
      • Fill in details of the event. Add attendees (from Contacts or manually
      • Click Done

    • View Answer at http://help.orange.co.uk/orangeuk/support/personal/504691
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