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    Nokia software update page

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    • Nokia software update page

      what do I need to do?

      Before updating your phone, please charge your phone fully, and back up all important data, if you haven’t already done so. SIM and memory card data won't be affected but your mobile’s memory maybe re-set depending on the update method chosen.

      There are two ways to update your device; the method for updating your device will depend upon the phone model you have, and the connection that is available to you. If your phone model is shown in the list below,  you can use the on device method. Alternatively, if your device isn’t listed then you should use the Nokia Update Service via your PC.

      on device
      To check to see whether there’s a software update available you should access the update service on the phone, for instructions on how to check for updates click on your device below.

         3600            5200              5300             5800            6086

          6120            6220               6300           6700             7310

          N73               N80              N85              N96          N97 Mini


      Nokia Update Service via your PC

      In order to use the Nokia Device Update Service you will need a Windows PC, an internet connection, a USB connection cable and your phone.

      You'll find instructions on how to download and install the Nokia device update service software on to your PC at the webpage below:


      The process is simple and straightforward but if you do have any questions or problems you can contactOrange customer services, who’ll be happy to help you with it.

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