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    Talk plan change

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    • When you register your phone you’re asked to choose a talk plan, you may want to change this at some point. You can change your plan to a one of a higher monthly cost at any time throughout your contract (although the actual change won’t take effect until your next billing date). Whether you can lower your plan depends on when you took your contract out or when you last upgraded your phone.


      Your terms and conditions will explain when you are entitled to lower your plan. 


      You can view details of all available plans in our pay monthly price guide.

      It doesn't cost you anything to change your talk plan.

      Before changing your talk plan you need to be aware that:

      • When changing your talk plan by speaking to customer services, as long as you make your request no later than 24 hours before your next billing date, the talk plan change will take effect from your next Orange billing date.

      • When changing your talk plan online or in an Orange Retail Store, as long as you've made your request more than 5 days before your next billing date, it will take effect from your next Orange billing date. If you haven't given 5 days notice, it will take another month before your new talk plan is activated.

      • If you currently have a plan in which the minutes rollover, these minutes will be lost if you change your talk plan.

      Changing your pay monthly talk plan can be done in three ways:

      • selecting change your service plan from the ‘quick links’ on the homepage


      • by selecting Upgrade your phone or plan from the boxes on the top of the page, then select change your Service Plan from the list shown

      • by calling 150 from your handset or 07973 100 150 from a landline and speaking to a Customer Services agent (call charges may vary)

      When changing your plan through Your Account only talk plans available to you/that you’re allowed to change to will be displayed.

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