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    How to configure your Samsung C3300 for email

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    • How to configure your device for Email 
      Note: You will need to have created an Internet profile, (see the “How to configure your device for 
      Internet”) before following this guide.
      1.Tap Menu
      2.Tap Messages
      3.Scroll to and tap Settings
      4.Tap Email
      5.Tap Email profiles
      6.Tap the profile you want to use (e.g. Contract Internet), tap Save
      7.Tap Email accounts
      8.Tap Create
      9.Tap Yes
      10. Tap the email account name you want (e.g. Gmail) or Other email accounts 
      11. Tap the field below My email address
      12. Enter your account email address, tap Done
      13. Tap the field below Password
      14. Enter your email account password, tap Done
      15. Tap Next
      16. Set up is now complete

    • View Answer at http://devicehelp.vodafone.co.uk/filestore/devices/Samsung/C3300/SamsungC3300_EMAIL.pdf
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