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    Why won't my iPhone send emails from one of my email accounts?

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    • This assumes that:

      • you have setup other email accounts which will send and receive OK on your iPhone
      • you have already setup this email account on your iPhone
      • you can receive incoming email to this account but are having problems sending email from it.
      Certain email providers have outgoing email servers which are difficult to validate. The validation attempt may, for example, timeout before it completes and leave you unable to send email from that email account.

      One solution is to use a different outgoing email server to send your emails from that account, they will just be sent by a different route. 
      We suggest that you try using the Vodafone 360 outgoing email (SMTP) server.

      You will need to register for a Vodafone 360 account and then update your outgoing email settings on the problem email account with the Vodafone 360 SMTP server settings.

      There are two attachments below which walk you through what to do -

      • Vodafone_360_Account_Setup (PDF Doc:335KB) shows you how to register for an account with Vodafone 360
      • iPhone_outgoing_email_fix (PDF Doc:422KB) shows you how to update your outgoing (SMTP) server settings on your iPhone.
      Go to Vodafone 360 to register


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