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  • Nuisance calls

    • A nuisance call is any type of unwanted or unsolicited telephone call you receive. Marketing calls from companies that try to sell you various products can fall under this category. Some of our calling features can help to protect you from nuisance calls. There are also some things you can do yourself to prevent them.

      Useful calling features

      The following calling features will help you to prevent nuisance calls:

      • Last Caller Barring: Last Caller Barring enables you to bar incoming calls from the last person that called you. You can block up to 10 phone numbers in your phone directory using this service.
      • Anonymous Caller Reject: Anonymous Caller Reject enables you to automatically reject calls when the caller's phone number is withheld. This is a charged-for service and must be activated on your line before you can use it.
      • Caller Display: With Caller Display, you can see the number that's calling you before you pick up the phone.

      For information on how to activate any of these features on your account, please see: How do I activate a Boost on my account?

      Stop marketing calls

      The TPS is an independent organisation that helps you to make sure your telephone number is not available to organisations that make unsolicited direct marketing calls. To register your details with them, visit the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) website atwww.tpsonline.org.uk/tps.

      Remember that we will never divulge your personal information to other parties without your permission. To change your marketing options with TalkTalk, please send us an email.

      Advice for handling malicious calls

      We offer the following tips and advice on what to do if you receive a malicious call:

      • Most malicious callers get pleasure from an emotional response. It is important that you stay calm and detach yourself from the situation.
      • Always remember you're the person in control of the situation.
      • Don’t engage in conversation with the caller or rise to an argument.
      • Place the receiver by the side of the phone for a few moments and do something else. After a few minutes, quietly and gently replace the receiver without checking if the caller is still on the line.
      • Turn off the ringer on your telephone if you get nuisance or malicious calls during the evening, night or early hours of the morning - there's usually a small switch or button on the base of the telephone. You may even want to unplug your telephone completely. If you have more than one phone in the house remember to unplug all of them.
      • Never give out your phone number or any other personal information unless you're sure that you know the caller. This will stop a caller who dialled your number at random from remembering it and calling again.
      • Never give your name and number in an answer machine message, or say you're out, on holiday, or away on business.
      • Never answer any questions on the phone, no matter how innocent they may seem, unless you know the caller.
      • Avoid giving details of your gender or marital status in your phone book entry.
      • If you have any children, make sure they understand that they shouldn't answer any personal questions or give out any details on the phone - even if the caller says they're a friend.
      • Tracing the call

        Before you escalate a call to the Police for investigation, you are required to trace it. To do this, follow these steps:

        1. Dial 1477 during or immediately after the unwanted call. You need to do this on five separate calls. When you do this, we trace the call.
        2. Contact the Police let them know about the malicious call and that you have traced the call with TalkTalk.
        3. The Police will contact TalkTalk's Police Liaison team.

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  • How do I order a Boost on My Account?

    • If you wish to order any of the Boosts available for your account, you can do so online in My Account. Follow the instructions below to activate a Boost:

      1. Go to Manage services in My Account and login.
      2. The monthly charge for each boost is listed next to it. Tick the Boosts that you want to add to your account.
      3. Click Update.
      4. You will be presented with a screen displaying the changes you have just made and the new charges to your account. Click Confirm when you are sure these are the changes you want to make.

      Any changes you make will be active within 2 calendar days, however in some cases this may take longer. The boost will be visible on your next bill and will include a part-month charge for the features you have selected, plus the full charge for the coming month.

      If we are unable to provision the Boost from the start of the billing period, you will be charged the prorated amount. You must give 48hrs notice to remove a Boost prior to the end of the 30-day billing period that applies to your account. Notice received after the monthly cut-off time will be actioned at the end of your next billing period.

      All Boosts have minimum duration of 30 days at a time. Once added, you will continue to receive the Boost until you opt-out or your contract ends.

      If you have recently moved house or received a new phone line, the line will need to go live before the Boost can be activated.

      You can change your Boosts via MyAccount at talktalk.co.uk/myaccount

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  • What are the charges for numbers starting with 0844?

  • How do I change the ownership of my account to someone else?

    • To change the ownership of your TalkTalk account to another person you need to download and complete a Change Of Ownership (COO) form and return it to us.

      Both the current account holder and the proposed new account holder will need to enter information on the COO form. All sections of the form must be completed for the change of ownership request to be processed successfully.

      The new account holder will also need to complete a Direct Debit mandate with their bank details. This mandate is included in the COO form.

      If there is an outstanding balance on the account, the change of ownership request will be rejected. Outstanding amounts must be cleared before requesting a change of ownership. 

      For more information on the payment methods you can use to clear an outstanding balance, please visit the help page What are TalkTalk's payment methods?

      Please send the completed form to the following address:

      The TalkTalk Group
      PO Box 346
      SO30 2PW

      The ownership of your account will change within 28 days from when we receive the completed form.

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  • When do I have a right to cancel?

    • You will normally have a legal right to cancel without charge unless the contract was made at the company’s normal business premises. The cancellation period will normally be for seven calendar days or seven working days, depending on how and where the contract was made. However, under industry-agreed processes, you have the right to cancel without charge up until shortly before the transfer is due to take place, when transferring calls or narrowband lines to or from BT.

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  • What is 'slamming'?

    • 'Slamming’ is the most severe form of mis-selling. Slamming occurs when your service is transferred to a new telephone company without your knowledge or consent.

      Examples of slamming:

      • Your service is transferred without you being contacted
      • Your service is changed without you having even been contacted by your ‘new company’ (in rare cases sales staff have been known to forge potential customers’ signatures to make a sale)
      • You were contacted but gave no permission
      • The company contacts you, and your service is transferred to them even though you haven’t given your permission. For example, you are sometimes asked to sign “for more information” and then your signature is used to transfer the service
      • You signed up for a different product or service
      • You actually agree to buy products or services from a new company, but the service you are given is not the one you asked for
      • You wanted a new service, but were deliberately misled about the identity of the company you were making an agreement with
      • You discover, after agreeing to transfer your service, that the ‘new company’ is not the company described to you at the time of the sale

      Other mis-selling

      Apart from slamming, there are other forms of mis-selling that primarily involve mis-representation (eg if you are misled as to the relationship between the “new” telephone company and BT) or pressurised selling.

      • You’ve been put under pressure
      • If you’ve been pressurised, either over the phone or on your doorstep, into transferring your service
      • You’ve been given misleading company information
      • If you are told that ‘BT has sold its customers’ to the new company, or that ‘Ofcom has ordered BT to transfer its customers’ to them.
      • You’ve had to buy the service just to get information
      • If you’ve been told that, to get information about its services, you have to transfer your calls or your calls and line rental and then cancel the new service if you don’t want it

      The action you can take depends on the type of mis-selling you have experienced and when it happened.

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  • How To...... Set Up 'My Account'

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