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    Humax Digital Switchover Guide

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    • Humax has put together this handy guide to help you understand the 
      digital switchover, what it means for your household, and how you can take 
      advantage of some of the exciting new features and services.

      What is it?
      The digital switchover is the process of moving from analogue to digital TV. 
      Between now and 2012 the analogue TV signal from every transmitter in the UK 
      will be switched off and replaced with new digital signals. 

      Why is it happening?
      Digital TV uses less broadcast space than the analogue signal, which means there 
      will be more room for extra TV channels in standard and high definition.

      How will it affect me?
      The digital switchover means that every analogue TV needs to be upgraded or 
      replaced to receive the new digital signals - or you won’t be able to continue 
      watching TV. Your VCR will also lose some functionality

    • View Answer at http://www.humaxdigital.com/uk/SwitchOver_User_Guide.pdf
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