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    How to upgrade on your TV

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    • You can upgrade your Sky package at any time simply using your Sky remote control. Anything you do using this method will appear on your account as quickly as if you'd called Sky to upgrade. Make sure that your viewing card is inserted in the correct slot in your Sky box, with the arrow pointing forwards and the gold chip facing downwards.


      Upgrade directly from the channel you want to watch

      If you turn to a channel that is not part of your current Sky package, you'll see a message giving you a number to call if you wish to upgrade, and you may also see an option to upgrade using thered button. You don't have to call us, your Sky box will identify the channel you want to watch and you'll see details of the TV Pack in which this channel is included on your TV screen. Just follow the instructions to add this pack or channel to your Sky TV subscription.


      Upgrade from the Sky Active menu

      You don't need a red button prompt to upgrade, you can simply access your account using your Sky remote.

      1. Press interactive on your Sky remote control.
      2. From the Interactive menu, press 1 for Sky Active.
      3. From the Sky Active menu, use the up/down arrows to find your upgrade option 

        • Sky+, HD & Multiroom to upgrade your TV hardware
        • TV Viewing Upgrades to find out about adding channels or 3D TV 
      4. With your choice highlighted, press select and follow the on-screen instructions to place your order. You may need your viewing card PIN and bank or credit card details.

      When will my new channels be available?

      The signal to your viewing card can take 10-24 hours to be received, so your new channels may not be available immediately. After changing your package you'll be unable to remove items for 31 days. If your upgrade is delayed, you can speed up your package upgrade.

    • View Answer at http://www.sky.com/helpcentre/account-and-billing/change-your-subscription/upgrade-on-your-tv/
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