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    Pause and rewind live TV

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    • Pausing and rewinding live TV is handy if you're interrupted during a programme - you never need to miss a moment of your favourite TV again!


      Pause a programme you're watching 

      Press pause on your Sky remote control. When you're ready to come back to it, press play. 

      • To go back and watch an earlier moment of a programme, press rewind.
      • When you reach the point you want to watch, press play.
      • Remember if you rewind for 30 minutes, for example, your Sky box has to have been showing that channel for the last 30 minutes.
      • When playing back a programme in this way, you can pause, rewind or fast forwardwithin the programme.
      • If you rewind to the start of the section, the picture is frozen at that point.
      • If you fast forward to the end, you'll rejoin the live schedule.
      • To go back to watching live TV at any point, just press sky or the stop button.

      While you're watching the programme behind scheduled time, you can use the Now, Next and Later banner as usual, but if you change channels, try to see full channel listings or use interactive services, you have to go back to live TV. You can then rewind or pause again. 


      Saving after pausing or rewinding live TV 

      After pausing or rewinding live TV, if you haven't got time now to watch what you missed, you can save the programme to your Planner to watch another time: 

      1. After rewinding or pausing live TV, press the Record button on your Sky remote control twice to record the programme you're watching.
      2. The Record symbol will appear next to the programme and the recording is stored in your Planner.

      You can also change how far back you can rewind live TV on a channel you've been watching by setting the instant rewind limit:

      1. Press services on your Sky remote control and you will see the main menu with Optionshighlighted.
      2. Press select and the Sky+ Setup menu will be highlighted.
      3. Press the down arrow to highlight Instant Rewind.
      4. Use the left/right arrows to choose your instant rewind limit (choices are OFF515,30 or 60 minutes).
      5. Press the green button to save your new settings.
      6. Press sky to return to normal viewing.

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