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    Set up Sky+HD in a flat with a communal satellite system

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    • Recording two programmes at once and enjoying full Sky+ functionality requires two satellite feeds, but if you live in a flat, you may share a communal satellite system with a single feed. You'll still be able to use your Sky+HD box, but with more limited personal recording, and you'll need to carry out a few simple steps in order to make the most of your box and its features.


      How to check your feed


      To check if you have a single or a double satellite feed you need to look at the back of your Sky+HD box. You will find two sockets called "Dish Input 1" and "Dish Input 2." If you have a wire going into each, then you have two satellite feeds and this article does not apply to you.


      If you only have one satellite connection from your satellite dish to your Sky+HD box, you will need to activate single feed mode. Please ensure the dish input cable is connected to Dish Input 1 at the back of your Sky+HD box and that no recordings are currently in progress before following the steps below. 

      One satallite connection

      1. Press services on your Sky remote control and you will see the main menu with Optionshighlighted.
      2. Highlight the Settings menu using the right arrow button and press select.
      3. Press 0 (zero), 1 then select to access the Installer Setup menu (this menu is not listed on the Settings menu options).
      4. Press select to access the Setup menu. Low Band Lo Frequency will be highlighted.
      5. Highlight Single Feed Mode using the down arrow button.
      6. Toggle the setting to ON using the left/right arrows.
      7. Press the green button to save your changes.
      8. You will see a warning message "Single Feed Mode - Caution. This will take a few minutes to complete. Pressing select will reboot your Sky+, and current recordings will be stopped. It will then mean you can only record one programme at a time; and anytime will be unavailable. Press select to continue or back up to cancel."
      9. Press select to reboot your Sky+HD box.

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