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    Understanding your bill

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      • Your first Sky bill

        We will only start charging you for a Sky service (TV, Broadband or Talk) from the day it is activated. When the first of your Sky services is activated, we'll send you a letter, or email, confirming the monthly charge or, in the case of TV, the monthly subscription charge for your chosen channel package. 

        This letter or email will also confirm the period that your first bill covers, how much it will be, and when we'll take the first Direct Debit or automatic credit card payment. 

        This payment will be taken 14 days after the first service is activated. For example, if your Sky TV is activated on the 4th of July, your payment will be taken on the 18th of July. This will cover the period of the 4th of July to the 3rd of August for your TV subscription.  All monthly payments after this will be taken on the 4th of every month, unless you make any changes or change your payment due date.


        Your second Sky bill

        Payment for the second bill is taken about two weeks after the first, in this example, the 4th August. This covers the period 4th August to 3rd September and includes advance charges, such as TV subscription, Sky Broadband and Sky Line Rental. 




        This also covers additional fixed priced services – like Sky Broadband and Talk, Line Rental - that we’ve made active since issuing your last bill. Plus, any services we charge for after you’ve used them, Like Sky Box Office or calls outside your Sky Talk package.

        For fixed price services that go active between bills, such as Sky Broadband and Talk, you’ll find that the number of days billed equals more than one month. That’s because there’s a part charge amount for the month when the services went active, plus the monthly advance cost for the coming month’s service.

        All subsequent payments will be a month apart and on the 4th of each month, using this example (unless you make any changes to your subscriptions or change your payment due date).

        Manage your account on the phone - without waiting!

        Did you know we have a free automated self-service phone line on 08002 600 400  where you can:

        • Find out the balance on your account
        • Make a payment 
        • Set up or amend Direct Debit and credit card details on your account (find out more about changing your payment method in the link below).

        With this self-service line, you won’t have to wait in a queue and the change to your Sky account or subscription will be done in no time.


        Manage your account using your Sky remote control

        It is also possible to manage your account using your Sky Remote. To get started, pressinteractive. Choose the following options from the menus that appear: Sky Active > My Sky account. You will need to use your viewing card PIN** to access the service. 
        In the meantime, why not check out our Help Forums.

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