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    Using bookmarks with your Sky+HD box

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    • With bookmarks, you can easily go back to certain points in a recording. This guide will show you how to manage, save and delete your bookmarks, as well as how to skip from one bookmark to another in a recording.

      Starting playback from a bookmark Using a bookmark

      You can start playing a recording directly from a bookmarked place by following the steps below.

      1. Press tv guide on your Sky remote control followed by thegreen button to access your planner.
      2. Use the up/down arrows to highlight the recording containing bookmarks that you wish to view.
      3. Press select to view the programme information, then press the left/right arrows until you see Bookmark. If the programme has more than one bookmark, keep scrolling with the left/right arrows to view each bookmark and its place in the programme.
      4. Press select to watch the programme when you find the bookmark you want.

      Playback starts at that bookmarked point in the programme.


      Managing and deleting bookmarks

      Managing bookmarks

      1. To see all bookmarks within a recording, press the pause button then the green buttonwhen you're playing it back.
      2. A list of bookmarks appears, showing their place in the programme.
      3. Use the up/down arrows to highlight a bookmark. You will see a short reminder clip of 10 seconds in the Mini TV. If the programme is PIN-protected you'll need to enter your PIN to see the bookmark clip.
      4. Press select to play the recording from a highlighted bookmark, or the yellow button to delete a bookmark.


      Saving bookmarks Saving bookmarks

      When you are watching a recorded programme and you see something you want to bookmark, press pauseand then the red button. The bookmark symbol appears in the corner of the screen. Press play to carry on watching the programme.


      Skipping to bookmarks Skipping bookmarks

      To go to the next bookmark while you're playing back a recording, press and hold rewind or fast forward until the screen skips to the next bookmark.


      The Skip Forward/Back symbol appears in the corner of the screen.


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