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    ‘N’ wireless technology and buying an Adapter

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    • The BT Home Hub 2.0 and BT Home Hub 3 (the latest two versions) use '802.11n', or 'N' wireless technology.

      'N' technology is the latest available for connecting your computer or other device wirelessly to your Hub. The previous versions of the BT Home Hub use '802.11g' or '11g' wireless technology.

      'N' wireless is faster, more reliable, and the stronger connection it provides means you can use your computer further from your Hub. Buy a Wireless 'N' Adapter now.

      Do I need a Wireless 'N' Adapter?

      Many computers sold since 2008 already have 'N' built in. Find out if you have it by checking your computer's user guide or wireless settings.

      Don't worry if your computer has an older version of wireless, or doesn't have wireless built in at all. You can simply upgrade it by plugging in a Wireless 'N' Adapter.

      You can then enjoy the freedom of surfing without wires, and even connect to wi-fi hotspots when out and about.

      Can I use the adapter to get a mobile broadband (3G) signal?

      No, the adapter can connect you to your Hub or other wi-fi hotspots, but it's not designed to connect to a mobile broadband signal.

      Can I use the adapter with a Mac?

      Sorry no, the adapter doesn't work with Apple Macs.

      Will my internet speeds be faster when using the adapter?

      The adapter could make your wireless connection faster and more reliable. But it won't improve the speed of the broadband entering your house, which depends on lots of other factors.

      How do I buy one?

      We're now offering BT customers an exclusive deal on our latest Wireless 'N' Adapter.

      Buy an adapter now using a credit or debit card Buy an adapter now using a credit or debit card

      If you're not a BT customer you can buy an alternative adapter online at the BT Shop.

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