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  • What can I do to protect my safety, security and privacy online?

  • How do I sign up to the Super Safe Boost?

  • What are computer viruses and how can I prevent them?

  • TalkTalk HomeSafe - An Overview

    • As an internet provider, we receive billions of requests every day from our customers to connect to all sorts of websites. Some of the websites our customers visit contain viruses or deliberately malicious code, which can be used to steal their information or damage their computer. Often, the website owners are unaware that malicious code or viruses are on their site. Other websites contain content which our customers do not wish themselves, or their family members, to view.

      We want to help our customers avoid their devices (PCs, Macs, games consoles, set top boxes etc.) being compromised by these threats and unwanted content, so we've designed and built a new security product called HomeSafe. It gives our customers greater protection and control over their web browsing experience. It's brand new, but we're ready for our customers to start using it and tell us what they think about it. HomeSafe is available to most, but not all customers at the moment.

      More information

      For more information on Virus Alerts, please visit TalkTalk Virus Alerts.

      For more information on KidsSafe and Homework Time, please visit KidsSafe and Homework Time.

      How do I sign up for HomeSafe?

      To sign up for HomeSafe, please visit

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  • Computer security explained

    • You probably use your computer to send and receive emails. Maybe you bank online, pay bills or buy things too. All these things involve sending sensitive information – like your credit card number – over the Internet.


      Computer security is all about keeping this information safe.


      Sometimes it's as simple as taking a few precautions. You wouldn't give your credit card number to a stranger in the street, so don't give it to a stranger on the Internet either.


      In every community you find people who are intent on doing harm. Sadly, that's true of the Internet as well.


      There are people who write computer viruses. There are people who try and steal your identity. And there are people who will try and clog up your email with promises of get rich quick schemes.


      The good news is that these are only a tiny proportion of all Internet users. And by taking a few precautions, as well as using some security software like the McAfee Security for O2 Home Broadband, you can take advantage of all the good stuff online without putting yourself at risk.


      View our interactive guide to get more support setting up and going wireless

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  • What does Virgin Media Security do automatically?

      • Virgin Media Security Anti-Virus offers real-time protection that runs transparently in the background to protect your computer from online threats like viruses, Trojans and worms. Infected files are simply detected and repaired, or just blocked whilst you work. To make sure you are constantly protected against new threats, our virus definitions database is continuously updated with the latest virus information. All updates are sent to your computer automatically.

      • Virgin Media Security Anti-Virus scans POP3 (e.g. Outlook Express) email attachments to provide additional security to protect your system from viruses, worms and Trojans. When your Virgin Media Security Anti-Virus scans an incoming email, it scans the body of the message as well as any attachments.

      • If a virus is found, the text of the message is replaced by information about the virus and all the attachments are deleted. The original email header (From:, To:, CC:, Subject: ) remains intact.

      • Virgin Media automatically scan all emails before they arrive at in your inbox for viruses and spam.

      • Virgin Media Security firewall offer 'Always-on' Protection (XP users only): with the ability to be continuously connected to the Internet, it is important to ensure that you have protection against malicious hackers. Even when you are not logged in, 'Always on protection' continues to keep your computer safe.

      • Intrusion Detection: Virgin Media Security Firewall monitors the connectivity to your system ports. Your system's ports are used by programs to channel information to and from your computer. Virgin Media Security Firewall will detect if your port is being scanned and will block the port to prevent malicious programs from accessing your system.

      • Virgin Media Security Anti-Spyware protects your privacy on the Internet by eliminating spyware software. It works in a similar way to the Virgin Media Security Anti-Virus by scanning the memory and drives on your computer. If spyware is found then it can be deleted and recorded in a log.
      • Virgin Media Security comes with Anti-Spyware already turned 'on' and will pick up any spyware that appears as you use your computer but you will need to run a full system scan as soon Virgin Media Security is installed to pick up any dormant spyware files that may already reside on your computer.

      • To make sure you are constantly protected against new threats, our spyware definitions database is continuously updated with the latest spyware information. All updates are sent to your computer via automatic updates system over the Internet.

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  • BT Home Hub security advice

  • What security features are included with BT Total Broadband?

    • BT Broadband includes the following security features for all customers:

      • Email anti-virus - scans your BT Yahoo! email attachments for viruses.
      • Spam blocker - diverts junk emails to a separate folder.
      • Anti-spyware protection - scans your computer for spyware and adware.
      • Pop-up blocker - stops pop-up windows appearing when you browse the Internet.

      BT Total Broadband Option 2 and 3, BT Infinity customers also get BT NetProtect Plus, a PC and Mac comprehensive security suite provided by McAfee. This includes:

      1. VirusScan - protects you from the latest security threats, including viruses, Trojans, tracking cookies, spyware and adware.
      2. Personal Firewall - acts as a security barrier against hackers and other online threats, allowing you to access the Internet, but keeping unauthorised intruders locked out.
      3. Parental Controls - lets you filter potentially inappropriate websites, turn on age-appropriate searching, and set web browsing time limits. Parental Controls also lets you universally restrict access to specific Web sites, and block access based on associated keywords.
      4. SiteAdvisor - warns you before you interact with a dangerous website by checking for threats such as spyware, online scams, and spam.

      It's included free of charge with BT Total Broadband Options 2, 3 and BT Infinity. To download now, go to If you're on BT Total Broadband Option 1 you can buy BT NetProtect Plus for a small monthly fee. To buy now, go to

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  • Why have other people claimed I have sent them emails that I know I haven't?

  • How to apply age restricted access to the internet using McAfee Security Centre



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