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    I've got no broadband connection

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    • If you are having problems with your BT Broadband connection, here are some simple steps to get you on the move.


      Step 1: Perform a 'power cycle'

      Many connection problems are solved by 'power cycling' - which is simply shutting down and turning off your router and computer in a controlled manner and then turning everything back on again.

      Try power cycling your router or BT Home Hub by removing the plug from the socket, waiting 30 seconds and then plugging it back in and waiting for it to finish booting up. If this doesn't help, reboot both your router and computer. 

      Learn more about power cycling Learn more about power cycling


      Step 2: Has your broadband service been activated yet?

      If you're a new customer and you're trying to connect for the first time, then you need to be aware that your BT Broadband connection can be made active any time up to midnight on your chosen day of activation. So if you're experiencing first-time connection difficulties then please wait until tomorrow and try again.


      Step 3: Check your phone line's working

      Problems with your phone line can affect your broadband so it's useful to check it's working. If you're a BT phone line customer, you can use our line checker:

      Line checker Line checker


      Step 4: Use BT Broadband Desktop Help

      If you have a compatible computer this handy diagnostic tool would have been installed along with your BT Broadband software. It checks your set-up and attempts to restore your settings to when you last had a working connection.

      To run BT Broadband Desktop Help, click on the icon on your computer desktop. The icon will look like either of the two icons below:

      New BT Broadband Desktop Help desktop icon Old BT Broadband Desktop Help desktop icon

      If you can't find either icon, please download BT Broadband Desktop Help now (please note: BT Broadband Desktop Help is not currently available for Apple Mac users):

      BT Broadband Desktop Help BT Broadband Desktop Help


      Step 5: Have you checked your leads?

      You'd be amazed how many problems are caused by a loose lead. First check that all the power, data and telephone leads connecting your computer, router, Openreach modem (if you've got fibre-based broadband like BT Infinity) and telephone socket are plugged in properly. 
      More about checking your wiring More about checking your wiring 


      Step 6: Check your microfilters (ADSL filters).

      Typical ADSL broadband connection

      It's vitally important to make sure there's a broadband filter plugged into every active telephone socket in your house, including sockets used by Sky boxes. Active sockets are ones with a telephone or other device such as a fax plugged in. You don't need to bother with sockets that aren't being used for anything.

      You don't need microfilters if your master socket has a broadband faceplate. A broadband faceplate has two sockets - one for your phone line, and another for your broadband.

      You also don't need microfilters if you've got fibre-based broadband, like BT Infinity. You'll know you've got fibre-based broadband if your broadband setup looks like this, with your BT Home Hub plugged into an Openreach modem using an Ethernet cable.

      Typical fibre-based broadband connection 

      Why do I need microfilters and where do they go Why do I need microfilters and where do they go


      Step 7: Check our broadband service status line

      It's possible that there could be a temporary problem at your local exchange that is affecting every broadband connection in your area. 

      Check online for broadband service problems in your area Check online for broadband service problems in your area 
      Call our broadband service status line on Freephone 0800 169 0199 Call our broadband service status line on Freephone 0800 169 0199


      Step 8: Is your computer compatible?

      If you didn't check your computer was compatible before ordering BT Broadband or you've just changed to a new computer, your problem may lie here. Please check the computer requirements page and upgrade any components that do not meet the minimum standard. 

      Check computer requirements Check computer requirements


      Step 9: Do you have security software installed and enabled?

      If you don't then it could be that your connection is running slow because of a virus or trojan or spyware. You can learn about all these problems and how to solve them by viewing our video tutorial below: 

      Video tutorial about troubleshooting slow or intermittent internet connection Video tutorial about troubleshooting slow or intermittent internet connection


      Step 10. Can't connect wirelessly?

      Electrical items such as microwaves and halogen lighting can interfere with wireless connections. You'll also have an unreliable wireless connection if your computer is only just in range of your Hub or router.

      More about improving your wireless connection More about improving your wireless connection

      Your computer might not be able to find the wireless signal from the Hub. Or you might be able to see the signal, but your computer can't connect to it. If you need help setting up a wireless connection or fixing your wireless connection, please use the link below: 

      Get help connecting using wireless Get help connecting using wireless


      Step 11: If you have tried all these steps

      If none of this helps, and you're still unable to connect to your broadband service, please contact us.

      Call our broadband helpline on 0800 111 4567 Call our broadband helpline on 0800 111 4567 (open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year)

      If you are calling from a mobile, we have introduced alternative contact numbers to reduce the cost of your call. Calls to this number will cost no more than a national rate call to an 01 or 02 number and will count towards any inclusive minutes in the same way as 01 and 02 calls. 

      Call our broadband helpline from a mobile on 0330 123 4567 Call our broadband helpline from a mobile on 0330 123 4567

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