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    Tips on improving wireless (Wi-Fi) performance

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    • There are several simple steps you can take to improve your wireless performance:

      1. Most wireless problems are due to interference from other networks or appliances. You can try to avoid interference by changing the wireless channel used by your router.
        • Start by trying channels 1, 6 or 11, then try all channels in between if necessary.
        • Wait for 60 seconds each time after changing the channel to check whether the signal has improved.
        • Because conditions vary, there is no easy way to find the best channel other than trial and error. 
          How do I change the wireless channel on my BT Home Hub? How do I change the wireless channel on my BT Home Hub?
      2. If there's an antenna on your router and wireless adapter, make sure it's pointing upwards.
      3. Put the router in a central place in the house (where telephone sockets allow).
      4. Place the router on a table, shelf, or other surface, not on the floor.
      5. If you can, use cables or an antenna extension so your computer's wireless adapter is away from the computer and other interference.
      6. Move all wireless devices away from possible sources of interference such as microwave ovens, metal sheets, cordless phones, cordless keyboards and mice, video senders, etc. Switch them off or move them away to identify which ones cause interference.

        Some devices, such as video senders, let you change their operation channel. If they're causing problems, try switching them to a different channel.

        Interference might happen at different times (for example, if a video sender is only used in the evening, or when a microwave oven is being used). This means you might need to check electrical devices that are only used at certain times.

      7. Some laptops with a built-in wireless adapter have a lower wireless performance than an external wireless adapter such as a USB dongle. If you're worried about this you can upgrade to a USB wireless adapter or borrow one for testing. You can buy a USB dongle from the BT Shop.

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