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    How do I switch my O2 wireless box to another channel?

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    • If your wireless signal isn’t great, it could be interference from another wireless gadget in your home. Like a cordless phone, or even your neighbour’s Wi-Fi. Changing channel could improve your connection. 


      Here’s how:


      1. Plug one end of the yellow Ethernet cable into your computer, and the other end into your wireless box.
      2. Open your internet browser (like Internet Explorer or Firefox).
      3. Go to http://o2wirelessbox.lan or
      4. You might be asked for a username and password. Use ‘Administrator’ (with a capital A) as the username, and the serial number on the bottom of your wireless box as the password. (If it doesn’t work, try ‘SuperUser’ for the username, and ‘O2Broadb64nd’ as the password.)
      5. Click on ‘Home Networking’, then ‘Interfaces’, then ‘wlan’. 
      6. You should see three buttons – ‘Overview’, ‘Configure’, ‘Help’. Choose ‘Configure’. 
      7. Where it says ‘Channel selection’, choose ‘Manual’. 
      8. Choose any channel, from 1 to 13. 
      9. Unplug your yellow Ethernet cable and test the connection. Try a few channels, to find the best one.


      View our interactive guide to get more support setting up and going wireless

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