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    What can I do to speed up my broadband?

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    • Check your connections

      Don't use extension cables. Connect your O2 wireless box straight into the telephone master socket. That's the phone point closest to where the landline comes into your home. It's usually somewhere easy to get to, like the hallway.


      Only use the cables we gave you

      The cables that came with your O2 wireless box are designed for broadband. They reduce interference as much as possible. So don't use other cables.


      Ease the pressure on your landline

      Anything that's plugged into your landline could cause interference. The more equipment on the connection, the slower your broadband. If you're watching a video, someone else is downloading music and your games console is online too, your speed will be slower. Unplug anything that doesn't need to be connected to your landline.


      Move your cables away from interference

      Electrical equipment can interfere with your signal. If your DSL cable  runs close to electrical equipment, move the cable or the equipment.


      Fit broadband filters

      Broadband filters are small white boxes that look like phone adapters. They separate your broadband signal from your phone signal. So you can go online and talk on the phone at the same time.

      Everything that's plugged into your phone line must be connected through a filter. That includes phones, fax machines, burglar alarms and satellite receivers.


      Stop things interfering with your wireless

      Wireless connections are more exposed to interference. They can be slower than wired ones. There are a few things you can do to make it faster:

      • If you have other wireless equipment (like cordless phones) in your home, move it away from your O2 wireless box. 


      • Adjust the wireless channel on your O2 wireless box. (You'll find instructions in the Broadband speed links below.)


      • Connect your equipment to your O2 wireless box directly using an Ethernet cable.


      Turn off software you’re not using

      Your computer might contain programs that run in the background. Things like security programs or the peer-to-peer software you use to download songs or videos. They could be using your connection when you're not aware of it. See if it makes a difference when you turn them off.


      Check your speed accurately

      There are lots of online broadband speed tests. But not all of them are accurate. Many don't do a full bandwidth test. To find out how to test properly, see the Broadband speed links below.


      View our interactive guide to get more support setting up and going wireless

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