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    What is O2 Home Broadband Assistant?

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    • The O2 Home Broadband Assistant helps you keep your O2 Home Broadband connection working. The software installs automatically on your computer when you use the O2 Home Broadband setup CD. After that it runs every time you turn on your computer. You'll find it in your system tray (the small group of icons in the bottom right of your screen).


      O2 Home Broadband Assistant works quietly in the background. It checks your connections for problems. And it can tell you about:


      • your operating system and hardware
      • your home network
      • your email accounts.


      Internet connection problems

      If you're having trouble getting online, the O2 Home Broadband Assistant will test your connection to see what's going wrong. If it finds something, it gives you an 'assistance code' that will help the O2 Techies  sort out the problem. It's a basic diagnosis, but it's often a good starting point. If you still need help after that, call 0800 230 0202 .


      Wireless network problems

      If your wireless connection isn't working, the O2 Home Broadband Assistant helps find out what's wrong. Sometimes it repairs the problem automatically.


      Email problems

      If you use Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, you can see all your email settings with the O2 Home Broadband Assistant. If there's a problem, it helps work out what's wrong.


      Internet Explorer problems

      Your O2 Home Broadband Assistant clears out temporary internet files and keeps your browser clean.


      Live chat for problems you can't fix at home

      If the O2 Home Broadband Assistant can't sort out the problem, you can use the built-in live chat software to talk to us. With a couple of clicks, you can start chatting with an expert . It works just like any other instant messaging software, such as MSN Messenger or an online chat room. It's free too.


      Here's how you start a live chat online:


      1. Click Help on the left-hand side .
      2. Select Chat now.
      3. Type in your message, query or problem .
      4. Someone at our end will pick up your message and get straight back to you.


      Remote assistance

      If you're happy to let us get stuck in, we can fix things there and then. The remote assistance feature of O2 Home Broadband Assistant lets us tinker with your computer while you're with us online – but only if you give us permission.


      We'll even talk you through what we're doing so you can fix the problem yourself if it happens again. Just call us  on 0800 230 0202  and we'll take it from there.


      Security and privacy with live chat and remote assistance

      With remote assistance, you stay in control. We can't change anything on your computer without your permission. And we never go into your personal files or delete personal information. The team behind remote assistance work to strict guidelines. They're monitored all the time. And if you do have anything open or on view in your computer that you don't want us to see, just close it down before you let us in.


      Live chat is secure too. We can't start a live chat with you. Only you can start one. That means we can't interrupt you while you're working or butt in on private conversations. At the end of a live chat or remote assistance session , a box pops up to say that the session has ended and we’ve left your PC.


      View our interactive guide to get more support setting up and going wireless

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