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    How do I set up a wireless connection to my Netgear wireless router using WPS on Windows 7

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    • There are 2 methods for setting up a wireless connection using the WiFi Protected Set up functionality on the Netgear DGN1000 router:

      • Push button

      • WPS PIN


      WPS push button method


      The WPS push button method allows you to set up a secure wireless connection between your computer and Netgear router, without needing to type the security key. This functionality will only work with Windows 7 and with compatible “wireless N” type software on your computer or wireless adapter.


      It’s advisable to firstly set up a wired connection, ensure the security is set to WPA + WPA2 and you’ve made a note of the name you’ve chosen for the router. Then follow the steps below:


      Note: WiFi security is enabled by default on a Pre-Configured Netgear DGN 1000 router - the default mode is Mixed WPA/WPA2 . Wireless network name (SSID) and security key are located at the bottom of the router.

      1. Click on the 'Network' icon in your computers notification area:
      2. An Ethernet  icon will display, if not a wireless  icon will be shown.
      3. 'View Available Networks' (VAN) will open - a list of available 'wireless network connections' will display.
      4. Locate your router in the list of wireless network connections using the name you’ve set up in the wired connection steps - in the example below the SSID of the router is Orange 12345:

      5. Select your router from the list and click Connect:

      1. Windows will get information from the router and detect if it can support WPS:


      1. The option to push the (WPS) button on the router should be presented:


      1. Press and hold the WPS button on the router for 4 seconds:


      1. Windows will get the settings from the router:


      1. Your computer will connect to the router:

      2. The wireless connection will turn white as below if the router is connected to the Internet, or connection white with a yellow exclamation mark if the router isn’t connected to Orange:


       If the computer doesn’t connect to the router, try restarting the computer and router – you’ll usually find that the connection then works.


      If this doesn’t help, set up the connection again however this time enter the security key manually.



      PIN method


      You can also set up a connection to the with Netgear WPS using the PIN method.


      The WPS PIN method for first time set up allows you to enable security on your wireless router, create a security code and connect to the router by entering your router’s security PIN.

       If the router has already been set up using the installation CD, using manual wireless instructions, or the adapter doesn’t support WPS, then you will not be presented with the options detailed below.


      1. From your Windows 7 desktop, locate the wireless icon in the ‘Notification Area’ and click to open ‘View Available Networks’:

      2. Locate the network connection ‘NETGEAR’, and click to open.
      3. Click Connect:

      4. The wireless software will connect to the router:

      5. If the wireless adapter is compatible with WPS, the software will ask if you want to set up your network – click OK


      6. You’ll be prompted to enter the router’s PIN:

         You’ll find this printed on the sticker on the base of the wireless router or listed in the ‘Advanced’ menu on the ‘Wireless Settings’ page from the router’s admin pages.
      7. Type a name for your network – by default this is entered as computer-name_network however this can be changed to anything provided it’s under 25 characters:

      8. To make the security level more compatible with older operating systems, or to change the security key click the change passphrase… drop down menu.
      9. To change the security key, click on the security key field and enter a new key.

         Characters from a-z and number 0-9 are recommended. The key is case sensitive.
      10. To change the Security setting, open the Security level menu, and select an appropriate level. 

         Only WPA2 settings provide the advantage of up to 150Mbps speed on the internal network, therefore it’s suggested that older operating systems are updated  http://update.windows.com.


      1. Click Next:
      2. Windows will set up the network:

      3. Apply new settings to the router:

      4. And confirm that the router is successfully set up – the security key will be displayed, which you can print, or copy to a USB memory stick if you’d like to set up additional Windows 7 computers.

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